DIY Methods for Windshield Chip Repair

DIY Methods for Windshield Chip Repair – A Comprehensive Guide



Despite being sandwiched between two sheets of glass and covered in plastic, windshields can sustain damage from as little as a stray stone on the highway. Larger cracks need professional windshield repair or a replacement, while minor flaws can be rectified.
Although mobile repair services are easily accessible, you can use a repair kit and try to fix it yourself. Depending on the severity of the issue, you can handle it on your own or enlist the help of a professional.
The do-it-yourself (DIY) attitude is commendable but windshield repair is one area where safety is crucially compromised. Considering both quality and safety, this advice will assist you in determining whether a DIY method is practical. 
We will help you evaluate the extent of the damage, decide if you can fix it yourself, and then assist you in completing the repair process effectively.

Windshield Chips Explained

Windshield chips are a common nuisance for drivers. They can appear from seemingly harmless things like flying pebbles or sudden temperature changes. However, do not let their size fool you. Ignoring a chip can lead to bigger problems down the road, as cracks can start to spread across the windshield.
Listed below are the different types of windshield chips you might encounter:

  • Chip Pit: A chip pit is a shallow indentation similar to a tiny pothole on your windshield. It happens when debris damages the outer layer of glass but does not usually affect your vision significantly. This kind of chip is usually an easy fix so long as the impact is not too strong.
  • Bull’s-Eye Chip: This one is named for its resemblance to its namesake. A bull’s-eye chip is a circular chip with a central point caused by an impact like a rock hitting the windshield.
  • Half-Moon Chip: This one is more of a half-moon than a full circle, though it seems like a bull’s-eye chip.
  • Combination Break: This is where things get a little more serious. A combination break combines a chip, often a bull’s eye, with a radiating crack extending from it. Unfortunately, repairing cracks is not advisable, so a combination break typically requires a complete windshield replacement.


Preparing for Repair

While a DIY windshield chip repair might seem tempting for a small nick, a proper assessment is crucial. It will help you determine if it is a safe and effective approach for the specific damage. For tiny chips, generally those smaller than a quarter, and cracks less than three inches long, a DIY windshield repair kit can be a lifesaver.
Getting Ready for DIY Repair
Assuming your chip qualifies for a DIY fix, you must gather supplies. Here is your pre-repair shopping list:

  • DIY Windshield crack repair kit (available at most auto parts stores)
  • Razor blade
  • Glass cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth


DIY Windshield Chip Repair: A Step-by-Step Guide

With the help of a DIY windshield crack repair kit and this informative guide, you may be able to regain clarity in your windshield. But remember, this method is best suited for minor chips. Assess the damage carefully before attempting a DIY repair. Having said that, let us discuss the process.
Step 1: Clean Up

First things first, create a clean workspace. Grab some glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to wipe down the chipped area thoroughly. This will remove any dirt, grime, or debris that could hinder the repair process. 
Step 2: Clear Out the Crack (Optional)

If possible, position a contrasting background behind the chip to make it easier to see. With a tool like a safety pin, gently and carefully remove any loose glass fragments from within the crack. Do not worry if the chip appears black. It is trapped air, not damage to the windshield itself.
Step 3: Apply the Seal

Your windshield repair kit should include a special seal. Peel off one side and carefully apply it over the chip, ensuring the crack is centered. Remove the other side of the backing and attach the pedestal, the circular piece with a tube on top, to the sticky surface.
Step 4: Fill up with Resin

The kit will also include a special resin intended to fill the chipped area. Snip the tip of the resin container and fill the pedestal with about three-quarters of the resin.
Now comes the syringe. Attach it securely to the pedestal and pull it upwards on the plunger. It forms a void that removes air from the fissure, enabling the resin to fill the space. Fasten the syringe using the clips provided and let it sit untouched for 10 minutes.
Gently tap the area around the crack occasionally to help loosen any air bubbles that might be hiding. Briefly remove the syringe to allow trapped air to escape, then reattach it and push down on the plunger halfway before securing it again to inject the resin into the crack. Let it sit undisturbed for 20 minutes.
Step 5: Time to Tidy Up

Once the curing time is complete, remove the syringe and set it aside. There might be some dripping resin, so have a paper towel handy. 
Here comes the safety razor – use it carefully to remove the seal around the chip. Apply a small drop of fresh resin directly onto the chip, then cover it with the little yellow square provided. Use the flat edge of the razor to press down on the square gently.
Step 6: Curing under the Sun (or Not)

Direct sunlight acts as a natural curing agent. Give the covered chip fifteen minutes to sit in the sun if your car is parked there. If not, you must give the resin an hour to cure completely. Finally, carefully scrape away any excess glue on the windshield surface and use the safety razor to remove any last bits of the repair kit.
Congratulations! You have successfully tackled a DIY windshield chip repair. If everything goes according to plan, the chip should be less noticeable, and your windshield’s structural integrity will be restored.

When DIY Fixes Are Not Enough: Seeking Professional Help

Do not hesitate to seek help from a professional if your chip or crack does not meet the repairable criteria. They possess the skills and equipment to guarantee a secure and durable solution. Here is when it is best to call in the experts:

  • Size: It is best to leave the repair to a professional if the chip is more than a quarter inch in diameter. Extensive damage with multiple cracks also falls into this category.
  • Location: Cracks or chips directly obstructing your view, especially those around the windshield’s edges, require professional attention. Since repaired chips might have slight imperfections, visibility could be compromised in these crucial areas.
  • Beyond the Surface: Chips that penetrate deep into the windshield’s layers, beyond the outer layer of glass, are often beyond the scope of a DIY repair.
  • Inner Beauty (or Lack Thereof): Regretfully, conventional techniques are unable to fix chips on the windshield’s inner layer. An expert evaluation is required in this particular circumstance as well.

If you are unclear about whether your chip qualifies for a DIY fix, it is always advisable to err on the side of caution and seek professional windshield repair service. They can evaluate the damage and suggest the best course of action to guarantee your windshield’s safety and structural integrity.

The Bottom Line

Windshield chips and cracks can compromise your car’s safety and be unsightly. Even a small chip that might seem like a minor cosmetic issue can be detrimental to your windshield’s structural integrity and soon worsen.
Prompt attention can, fortunately, save you money, hassles down the road, and time. A DIY kit could be a good choice for a tiny chip. Nonetheless, consulting a specialist is always advised for more complicated scenarios or if you’re not sure how much damage has occurred.
Auto Glass America provides professional windshield repair in Orlando. We can also take care of your side window repair and guarantee a clear and safe driving experience. With vast knowledge and cutting-edge equipment, our experts ensure a top-notch mobile windshield replacement conforming to all safety requirements.
Avoid waiting for a tiny chip to grow into a significant issue. Schedule your windshield repair service with Auto Glass America right now and get your windshield fixed conveniently and swiftly.

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