How do I know if my replacement windshield is OEM?



Before we delve into the finer details, let’s clarify what an OEM windshield implies. OEM, an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer, indicates that the windshield was produced by the same company responsible for your vehicle’s original windshield.


Significance of OEM Windshields

The value of OEM windshields is immense. When you install an OEM windshield in your vehicle, you’re opting for a glass piece specifically tailored for your car’s brand and model. This is identical to the windshield that was initially installed during the vehicle’s production. Here’s why OEM windshields carry such importance:

Perfect Compatibility:
OEM windshields are created to align exactly with the original windshield’s specifications, assuring a flawless fit and thereby enhancing the vehicle’s structural solidity.

Superior Safety:
Windshields are integral to a vehicle’s overall safety, particularly during mishaps. OEM windshields are engineered to fragment in a particular manner to minimize passenger injuries and also facilitate the effective deployment and functioning of passenger-side airbags.

High Quality and Longevity:
OEM windshields undergo stringent testing and meet high-quality criteria. They generally provide better transparency, fewer distortions, and a higher resistance to impacts and severe weather conditions than their aftermarket equivalents.

Maintaining Functionality:
If your car is equipped with advanced attributes like rain sensors, heads-up displays, or advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), an OEM windshield will guarantee these systems work as designed. Aftermarket windshields may not always be compatible with these cutting-edge features.

Value Preservation:
Employing OEM components, including windshields, can aid in preserving your vehicle’s resale value. Prospective buyers frequently seek vehicles that retain original parts.


While the initial cost of an OEM windshield might be higher compared to its aftermarket counterpart, it can prevent potential issues in the future. It offers assurance that you have the most suitable windshield for your vehicle, providing optimum safety, performance, and comfort.


Recognizing an OEM Replacement Windshield

So, how can you determine if your replacement windshield is OEM? If you’ve just replaced your windshield, you might be pondering how to ascertain if your new windshield is an OEM product. Identifying an OEM windshield can be relatively simple, due to several indicative signs. Here are some ways to verify if your replacement windshield is OEM:


Check Manufacturer’s Marks:

OEM windshields commonly feature a unique marking or logo typically etched into a corner. These manufacturer’s marks could include the logo, the brand name, or specific codes. Look for these marks first. If they match your vehicle’s brand, it’s likely an OEM windshield.


Inspect the Windshield Fit:

A seamless fit is another trait of an OEM windshield. OEM windshields are crafted to the precise specifications of the car model, assuring a perfect fit without gaps or inconsistencies. If your windshield fits your vehicle perfectly and seamlessly, it could be an OEM product.


Inspect the Glass Quality:

The glass quality in OEM windshields typically surpasses that of aftermarket products. Examine the windshield from various angles for distortions. If you don’t see any waviness and the glass clarity is superb, it’s likely an OEM windshield.


Consult the Auto Glass Company:

If still uncertain, feel free to ask the company that conducted your windshield replacement. A trustworthy company will readily confirm whether they installed an OEM or aftermarket windshield.


Remember, installing an OEM windshield in your vehicle ensures top-notch safety, perfect fit, and superior quality. Hence, it’s always beneficial to confirm its genuineness.


Ultimately, determining whether your replacement windshield is OEM can offer reassurance and secure your safety. Remember, never compromise on quality when it comes to your vehicle. Auto Glass America excels in providing high-quality OEM windshields, ensuring a perfect fit, superior durability, and optimal safety, all supported by professional installation and outstanding customer service.

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