Is it cheaper to replace your own windshield?



Should you possess the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge, replacing your windshield on your own may be a cost-effective solution. But keep in mind that the total expense could fluctuate based on your vehicle’s make and model, as well as the cost of the windshield itself. In many instances, the price of a new windshield could constitute the bulk of the expense.


In terms of labor, you can save some bucks by taking the DIY route instead of hiring a professional. But it’s worth contemplating the value of your time as this task can consume significant hours, particularly for those not accustomed to it.


Moreover, windshield replacement isn’t a walk in the park. It necessitates specific tools, expertise, and precision to guarantee a correct and safe installation. Incorrect windshield installation may result in leaks, wind noise, visual distortion, and potential hazards during a collision, given that windshields are crucial to a vehicle’s structural integrity.


Additionally, if your vehicle is equipped with special features like a head-up display, rain sensors, or advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as lane departure warning or automatic braking, these will need recalibration post windshield replacement. This task needs specialized knowledge and equipment that most DIY enthusiasts lack, making it safer and more economical to engage a professional.


Why a professional should handle your vehicle’s windshield replacement:

Several reasons justify employing a professional for your vehicle’s windshield replacement, the most significant of which are:


Experience and Skills: Professionals, with their wide-ranging expertise and skills, are aptly trained to handle the complexities of the job, having worked on various car models.


Quality Materials: They utilize high-grade materials, like superior adhesives and glass, conforming to or surpassing the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards, enhancing the durability and effectiveness of the replacement.


Guarantees and Warranties: Many professionals provide warranties on their work, implying that any post-replacement issues arising during the warranty period will be fixed free of cost.


Safety: Windshields enhance your vehicle’s structural integrity during accidents, particularly rollovers. Professionals ensure its proper installation, maximizing safety.


Proper Tools: Professionals possess specialized tools, typically unavailable to non-professionals, to manage windshield replacement accurately and efficiently.


Adherence to Regulations: Professionals comply with local safety standards and regulations, ensuring a lawful and appropriate windshield replacement.


Convenience and Timesaving: Professionals can replace your windshield faster and more efficiently than an untrained individual and often provide mobile services.


Insurance Claims: Comprehensive car insurance often covers windshield replacement. Professionals can handle the insurance claim process, easing your burden.


Disposal of Old Windshield: Disposal of old windshields, being large, heavy, and made of glass, can be potentially dangerous. Professionals manage this task as part of the replacement process.


Calibration: Modern vehicles often feature Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) near the windshield. These systems require recalibration after windshield replacement, a task professionals can handle.


Outcomes of replacing your vehicle’s windshield on your own: Pros and Cons

Replacing your vehicle’s windshield on your own can lead to several potential outcomes, both good and bad, depending on the quality of the job done. Here’s a rundown:




Improved Visibility:

A new windshield can enhance visibility, significantly upgrading safety if your old one was chipped, cracked, or clouded.


Increased Safety:

A new, correctly installed windshield can support your vehicle’s structural integrity during a crash.


Prevention of Legal Issues:

Driving with a cracked or damaged windshield can result in fines in some areas. A replacement can help avoid such issues.





Poor Installation: An improperly replaced windshield can cause water leaks, wind noise, or even a loose windshield during an accident.


Incorrect Fit:

An improperly fitted windshield may result in wind noise, leakages, or impaired visibility.



A new windshield can be pricey depending on your vehicle’s make and model.


Potential Damage:

The process of windshield replacement, if not handled carefully, can damage other vehicle parts like the dashboard, trim, or paint.


Sensor Malfunction:

Improper calibration or reinstallation of sensors, cameras, and other devices post windshield replacement can impair their functionality.


Inferior Quality:

Replacing with an inferior quality windshield could affect the vehicle’s structural integrity, safety, and performance over time.



While it may appear cost-saving to replace your windshield yourself, it’s generally best to leave this task to professionals unless you have significant experience. Mistakes could lead to more expensive repairs later, or worse, compromise your safety. Depending on your policy, insurance may cover some or all of the replacement costs, another important factor to consider.

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