Windshield Replacement Warranty

Is Windshield Replacement Covered Under Warranty?



Windshields are among the most susceptible parts of your vehicle, as they are incredibly prone to damage. A little chip can quickly lead to a large crack that can adversely affect your visibility and overall safety. Also, if not fixed promptly, it is risky for both your safety and your wallet; thus, it brings to light the ultimate question of warranty. With that as the premise, let’s explore all you need to know about warranty on windshield replacement, in detail.


Understanding Vehicle Warranties

Vehicle warranties are a guarantee offered by the manufacturers and dealerships to the customers. Car warranties are like promises from the manufacturer (or seller) to fix or replace broken parts for free, up to a certain point in time. Think of it like an insurance policy for your car parts!


Therefore, it is an additional service provided by those parties, to ensure the reliability of their product. However, the parts constituting glass or plastic material are in a secluded threshold and have a lot of complications.


Components Covered Under Warranties

The most commonly covered vehicle parts under warranties include mechanical and electric components. Manufacturers tend to exclude glass or plastic components from warranties, but it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and vehicle models.


So, while opting for a warranty for your vehicle, try to get coverage on parts that are more susceptible to breaking down or getting damaged.


Windshield Replacement: Coverage Overview

The most common solution to windshield damage is complete replacement. This is because windshields are a hassle to fix. Even a small mistake can create blind-spots that may risk the driver’s life.


However, windshield replacement is typically not covered by most manufacturer warranties. A proper and complete replacement is most probable by extended warranties or car insurance policies. Hence, it makes sense that you should opt for them to secure a full-on windshield replacement warranty.


Manufacturer Warranty Policy

Manufacturer warranty policy is the warranty insured by vehicle manufacturers for new vehicles. It covers specific mechanical parts, typically excluding the coverage of glass and plastic components. Nonetheless, this type of warranty will vary depending on the manufacturer or vehicle model.


However, even in some cases of exclusion, glass installation flaws and some minor damages can still be fixed under the coverage. It is also time-exclusive and valid within only a certain period for certain parts. You should check the details of the warranty to ensure whether the windshield warranty is available for coverage or not, prior to purchasing a vehicle.


Extended Warranty Policy

The extended warranty policy is the warranty policy provided by dealerships to car buyers. They usually cover the extra parts not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, relying on the terms of the agreement. You can review and negotiate terms to secure a windshield lifetime warranty.


Third-party Warranty Options

Third-party warranty options are a very user-oriented part of your car insurance. It allows you to choose the vehicle parts you wish to insure. Thus, it allows you to specifically choose windshield replacement in the options (if provided so) and get insurance on that although, it will only cover damages caused by accidents or calamities. You may secure a windshield repair warranty using this coverage option.


Out-of-pocket Costs for Windshield Replacement

Windshields are an important exterior part of a vehicle, contributing to both aesthetic and functional sections. Being a glass or plastic component, they are more challenging and costlier to repair, leading people to go for complete replacement, hoping their car warranty or insurance will cover it, only to find that it’s not the case. Unfortunately, most policies usually do not offer a cracked windshield covered under warranty.


The typical manufacturer warranty that most people rely on doesn’t cover windshield or glass components. However, when it comes to insurance or extended warranty, the offers on auto glass warranty primarily depend on the damages inflicted. In the case of minor fault and tear, most extended warranties will be able to fulfill the requirements of either repairing the windshield or replacing it wholly.


In case of an unfortunate incident of a complete windshield shattering, you may also contact a company specializing in windshield replacement, like Auto Glass America. By banking on their expertise, you reduce the time required to contact your dealership and check the validity of your warranty and whether it applies to the windshield. Plus, you know your vehicle will be in good hands and expect a perfect replacement/repair job.



So, in conclusion, warranties tend to vary depending on the options when it comes to windshield replacements. Hence, it is a hassle to find a policy that offers an optimal service. However, it will be wise of you to invest the time and effort to secure such an optimal coverage upfront. Fixing the windshield on your own is an option as well, which can be cheap and less time-consuming; however, it depends on your skill level and the damage to repair. Instead, it will be better to bank on specialists with expertise in windshield repair and replacements.

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