What Happens When Rains Gets Through Cracked Windshield

What Happens When Rains Gets Through a Cracked Windshield



Driving in the rain is a hassle on any given day, but driving with a cracked windshield can be doubly dangerous. If you have a cracked windshield and are wondering, “Can rain get through a cracked windshield?“, this blog is for you.
We’ll explore the downsides of rain entering through a cracked windshield (including visibility impairment and interior damage). Plus, we’ll also check out some preventive measures and ways to repair a windshield to avoid further damage. Let’s get started!

Understanding Cracked Windshields

Before comprehending the consequences of rain on new windshields, it is important to understand the windshield structure. Windshields are comprised of laminated glass. They contain two layers of glass and a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between them. This composite design increases the windshield’s durability. It also usually prevents large cracks from forming upon impact.
Despite its durability, a windshield is vulnerable to small cracks. These tiny cracks can compromise the windshield’s structural integrity. During the rainy season, these tiny cracks can allow water to seep through. Eventually, it can lead to serious issues, compelling you to look for a windshield repair service.

Impact of Rain on Cracked Windshields

If rain seeps through your cracked windshield, it can cause several issues. The immediate problem is that it would get the car’s interior wet. Water can get into the dashboard, upholstery, and electronic components. This is not just an annoyance; it may cause serious damage too. If ignored, with time, this moisture may cause mold, leaving your vehicle a den of unpleasant smells. Moreover, it’s a potential health risk for all passengers. 

Visibility Impairment

When rain enters via a cracked windshield, it causes visual disturbances for the driver. The water droplets on your windshield can cause glare. When it rains heavily, water drops gather around the crack, blocking your view. The collected droplets can also cause light to refract, creating a bright glare that would make it difficult to see the road. Additionally, if the rainwater mixes with dirt or other debris already present on the windshield, this cocktail can further obstruct your vision.
Cracks on your windshield can hamper the effectiveness of windshield wipers. That would leave water patches or streaks on your windshield, reducing your visibility. This would further increase the risk of accidents, especially during bad weather conditions or at night.

Interior Damage

Another concerning consequence of rain getting through a cracked windshield is the potential for interior damage. As the water seeps into the vehicle, it can reach sensitive components, including the electrical system. Moisture can cause electrical malfunctions, leading to issues with the vehicle’s lights, wipers, or even the engine. This can significantly compromise the safety and functionality of the vehicle, requiring expensive repairs.
Items that are especially vulnerable include your electronic systems, namely, the car’s infotainment system and other electronic controls. If they sustain water damage, it may result in expensive fixes. Exposure to moisture for a long time can cause the rusting of metal components too. That would further compromise your vehicle’s integrity.

Preventive Measures

Here are a few steps that you may take to prevent rainwater from seeping through a cracked windshield:

  1. Seal the crack using a windshield repair kit or cover it with clear tape to prevent water from seeping through.
  2. Use a car cover or park your car in a garage or under a shed. This would reduce the probability of rain exposure and thus minimize the possibility of water seeping through the cracked windshield.
  3. Use quality windshield wipers to reduce the risk of further spreading of the crack.
  4. Still, you should not ignore the crack and fix it as early as possible from a reputed cracked windshield repair service provider.
  5. Ensure regular maintenance and inspections to locate and repair tiny cracks to prevent further damage.


Repairing Cracked Windshields

Driving with a cracked windshield during rain may expose passengers and your vehicle to the risk of rainwater seeping through. As a driver, it may impact your visibility and cause damage to your car interior. For the overall safety of your vehicle, it is imperative that you take preventive measures proactively. Also, repair or replace your cracked windshield promptly.
For a good glass windshield repair, you should seek reputable professional repair or replacement services. For example, to get your windshield repaired in Florida, you may get in touch with Auto Glass America. They possess professional technicians with the right tools and expertise to take on the task. They normally start with an assessment of the damage extent. Depending on the assessment results, they will inform you whether your windshield would require a repair or replacement.
Remember, you should never compromise on safety while driving. Hence, addressing the windshield cracks on your car must be a priority.

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