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Post-Windshield Replacement: Avoid These Mistakes



Undergoing windshield replacement necessitates mindful post-care procedures. At Auto Glass America, while we ensure that our professional auto glass technicians meticulously replace your damaged windshield, it’s important for you to understand the actions to avoid post-replacement. Here’s a compilation of ten critical points you need to remember.


Post-Windshield Replacement: Ten Key Things to Avoid

Once your windshield is replaced, it’s important to steer clear of certain actions to maintain the newly installed windshield’s integrity and longevity. Following these guidelines can help you ensure a long-lasting, firmly sealed windshield.


Avoid Immediate Driving:

The adhesive used in windshield replacement needs time to dry for a robust seal. It’s important to adhere to the ‘safe drive away time’ specified by your technician, which can vary from an hour to several hours depending on the adhesive used.


Steer Clear of Car Washes:

Refrain from car washes, particularly automated ones, for at least two days post-replacement. High-pressure water can compromise the new windshield seal and molding.


Maintain Car Interior Cleanliness:

Dust and dirt accumulated on the dashboard can interfere with the adhesive seal. Hence, it’s crucial to maintain the cleanliness of your car’s interior, especially the dashboard.


Retention Tape Must Stay:

The retention tape, though not aesthetically pleasing, aids in keeping the windshield steady during the initial hours after installation. It’s advisable to leave it on for at least a day unless instructed otherwise.


Don’t Slam Doors:

Avoid slamming your car doors for the initial few days after installation. The force exerted can pressure the windshield and disrupt the new seal.


Don’t Remove Windshield Wipers:

Unless necessary, avoid removing the wipers for the initial two days. This could potentially damage the newly installed windshield.


Avoid Gravel Roads:

If possible, abstain from driving on gravel roads or similar areas where debris could strike your windshield. Impacts from rocks or other hard objects could damage the new glass.


Refrain from Using the Rear Defrost:

For the first couple of days post-replacement, avoid using the rear defrost. A sudden temperature change could interfere with the adhesive’s curing process.


Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes:

For the first few days after windshield replacement, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and refrain from using your car’s air conditioning or heater at extreme temperatures. This could affect the curing process of the windshield adhesive.


Say No to Ammonia-based Glass Cleaners:

Ammonia can harm your windshield glass’s tint and the surrounding parts. Hence, it’s advisable to use ammonia-free cleaners for your new windshield. Following these guidelines, you can ensure the successful replacement of your windshield, leading to clear, unimpeded road views for miles to come.


Why are Precautions Important After Windshield Replacement?

Adhering to post-replacement precautions optimizes your new windshield’s ability to form a safe, durable, and secure seal with your vehicle, ensuring on-road safety. Several reasons underline the importance of these precautions:


Ensuring Proper Adhesive Curing:

The adhesive, vital for securing the windshield, needs time to cure and achieve full strength. Activities like immediate driving post-installation or slamming car doors can interrupt this process, potentially leading to leaks or a loose windshield.


Protecting the New Seal:

Certain activities like car washes or premature removal of the retention tape can compromise the new seal before it’s fully set. This can cause gaps, leading to wind noise, water leakage, or a loose windshield.


Preventing Damage:

The newly installed windshield is susceptible to damage from sudden temperature changes, pressure, or debris impact, particularly in the first few day’s post-replacement.


Preserving Warranty:

Many replacement companies offer a warranty on their work. Not adhering to the post-care instructions can, however, void this warranty. Equipped with this knowledge, you’re well-prepared to ensure your new windshield’s longevity. For any service-related inquiries, feel free to contact Auto Glass America.

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