What to Do If a Rock from a Truck Cracks Your Windshield

What to Do If a Rock from a Truck Cracks Your Windshield?



Imagine this: You’re cruising down the highway, lost in thought and enjoying the ride. Suddenly, a flying rock from a truck smashes your windshield! It’s even more frustrating because it wasn’t your fault. But don’t panic! Even though it’s an inconvenience, knowing what to do next can make a big difference.
Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to assess the damage and file a claim with your insurance if the truck company absolves itself from the responsibility. We will also look at both professional and do-it-yourself auto glass replacement and repair solutions for a cracked windshield. Let’s get started!

Assessing the Damage

Trucks pose a potential hazard to your windshield. They can kick up rocks while passing you in the other lane, or debris can fall off their load and hit your car when you’re following behind. 
While you cannot hold the truck driver accountable in the former scenario, you can do so in the latter. However, don’t jump straight to filing a claim! Take a close look at the crack in your windshield first. There are two reasons for this:

  • Safety check: You need to make sure your car is safe to drive until the windshield gets fixed.
  • Damage documentation: Taking pictures of the crack immediately will help you show the exact damage caused by the rock.

Now comes the hard part: proving the truck’s fault and getting reimbursed. It can be tough to show that the rock came from the truck. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the steps to filing a claim, whether it’s with the trucking company or your insurance.

Filing a Claim

Once you have documented the damage, you can do two things – stake a claim with the truck company or with your insurance. 

  • As the first step, negotiate with the truck company backing your claim with complete documentary evidence of the location and time along with photos of the truck’s number plate and the damage caused.
  • If the company refuses to reimburse you, your next option is to contact your insurance provider. However, do so only if your deductible covers the cost of the Xcracked windshield repair or auto glass replacement or if you have comprehensive coverage.

Once you know if your claim might be covered, you can decide between a professional repair or a DIY fix. Here’s the key: prioritize safety. Small cracks might be repairable, but for larger damages or if you’re unsure, professional windshield repair or replacement is always the best option.

DIY Repair Options

If you’re handy and the damage is minor, you can consider a DIY windshield repair kit. These kits come with everything you need to fix a small crack quickly.
Keep in mind that a DIY kit can fix any chip or crack less than a quarter inch or 3 inches, respectively. Here are the steps for a DIY windshield repair using a repair kit:

  1. Clean the glass near the chip/crack properly with a soft microfiber cloth.
  2. Place an adhesive patch and plastic pedestal on the crack/chip.
  3. Fill the crack with epoxy resin using a syringe. Let the resin cure for the recommended time so that it hardens. You can find the recommended time for curing in the kit’s manual.
  4. Once the resin has cured completely, remove the pedestal and carefully clear away any excess resin with a blade.

Professional Repair and Replacement

If a rock from a truck cracks your windshield and the damage is more extensive than what a DIY kit can handle, you need to seek professional services. Here is when to choose a professional auto glass repair or replacement service:

  • The crack is too large or deep (bigger than a quarter).
  • The windshield has multiple cracks, chips, or a chip on the driver’s side that impedes vision.

Choosing a Service
Choosing a reputable, professional service assures you of a reliable and safe solution from technicians with the right expertise. Some professional services also liaise with insurance companies, making it easier for you to reimburse the costs. Let us understand the process. 
After determining the extent of the damage, the qualified technician will determine if it needs to be fixed or replaced. 
The windshield is repaired if the damage is minimal: 

  • After cleaning the area, epoxy resin is injected into the crack or chip.
  • The area is then cured with UV light, which is followed by smoothening and polishing.

If the damage is more extensive, the windshield will need to be replaced:

  • The technician removes the damaged windshield.
  • The frame is then cleaned, and a new windshield is installed.

Preventive Measures

Windshield cracks are an unfortunate part of driving. We can save ourselves from unnecessary hassles through these precautionary measures to prevent cracks from occurring. 
1. Sufficient Space and Deliberate Driving
Drive with ample space between your vehicle and the one in front of you to prevent damage from a rogue rock being kicked up. Driving slowly on gravel roads will also help reduce windshield damage due to rocks. 
2. Avoiding Truck Trailing
Try to avoid driving behind trucks that carry debris or stones. Although the truck might be covered with a sheet, there is still a possibility of stray rocks landing on your windshield.
3. Investing in Windshield Protectors
You can use high-quality windshield protection films that can withstand the impact of small rocks falling on the windshield and prevent damage.

Don’t Let a Cracked Windshield Ruin Your Ride!

Dealing with a rock damaging your windshield can be stressful. However, it makes a big difference when you are equipped with the knowledge of the immediate steps to be followed. Staying calm and documenting all the evidence can help you get a reimbursement.  
When a truck rock cracks your windshield, you will have to choose between windshield repair or replacement, depending on the damage. 
If you want fast and reliable windshield replacement or cracked windshield repair services in Florida, look no further than Auto Glass America. 
Contact us today for premium windshield services in Florida delivered by skilled staff and backed by over a decade of relevant experience.

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