When to Replace or Repair your Car Windshield

When to Replace or Repair your Car Windshield?



Dealing with a damaged windshield can be extremely frustrating. Small cracks or pits caused by flying debris, stones, or high temperatures can seem minor but are potentially harmful to your safety. It is best to have these fractures and chips fixed before they deteriorate and compromise your vision and your vehicle’s structural integrity.
But how will you know whether a quick repair will suffice or whether you should go in for a broken windshield replacement?
We will help you understand the various factors to consider when deciding whether you need a repair or a complete windshield replacement. We will also discuss the importance of professional assessment in making the right decision for your vehicle and some preventative maintenance tips. Let’s begin!

Factors to Consider for Windshield Repair or Replacement

It is difficult to choose between replacing or fixing a windshield crack. If you ignore a minor crack, it might become worse. However, jumping to replace your windshield at the slightest damage is also not economically feasible.
Let us understand the key factors for you to consider:
1. Size of the Damage
This is a crucial factor in deciding between repair and windshield replacement. A crack smaller than a dollar bill may usually be fixed. 
2. Location of the Damage
The position of the crack or chip needs to be carefully examined to choose the best course of action, even if the damage meets the size requirements for repair. 
3. Depth of the Damage
A windshield generally comprises three layers. Depending on how many layers the crack or pit has affected, you can decide between fixing a windshield crack and replacement. 
4. Amount of Damage
You can repair a smaller amount of damage easily. 
Use these factors to decide when to repair or replace the windshield.

When to Repair Your Windshield?

You can get your damaged windshield repaired if you notice one or more of the below issues:

  • Size: The chip is smaller than 1/4 inch or a crack is less than 6 inches
  • Location: The damage is not on the driver’s side
  • Amount: The windshield has a solitary crack or less than 3 chips
  • Depth: The cracks/ chips are on the surface level and not too deep
  • Types of Windshield Cracks: The cracks are bullseye cracks less than 1 inch, star breaks, or small cracks
  • Safety: If the crack doesn’t compromise the windshield’s integrity.
  • Windshield Age: If the windshield is new and has no issues other than minor damage.


When Should You Replace Your Windshield?

Choosing windshield replacement is a good idea if the glass is tempered and not laminated. A broken windshield replacement is also preferred in the following situations:

  • Size: The cracks are large, or the windshield has extensive damage
  • Location: The cracks are in the field of vision or near the windshield’s outer edges
  • Amount: There are multiple cracks or more than 3 chips
  • Depth: The cracks penetrate all three windshield layers, or a pit is more than 3/8th of an inch
  • Types of Windshield Cracks: The cracks are spider web pattern cracks or long cracks
  • Safety: The windshield’s structural integrity has been affected
  • Age: The windshield is old with wear and tear and has multiple cracks


Professional Assessment

It is preferable to get an expert opinion if you are still unclear about whether to replace or repair a windshield. Based on this expert evaluation, you can determine whether to proceed with a repair or replacement. 
1. Initial Examination
An expert auto glass technician will take a look at your windshield to understand the size, location, depth, and amount of damage. They will use advanced tools and techniques to determine the status and extent of the damage. 
2. Solutions to the Damage
After assessing, the technician will let you know whether you need a repair or replacement, depending on the damage.
3. Cost Estimate
The technician quotes an approximate cost estimate for the repair or replacement and often liaises with the insurance to reimburse the costs.

Preventive Maintenance Tips

Rather than spending money on fixing windshield cracks or windshield replacement, here are some preventive measures you can follow to minimize the chances of the damage occurring in the first place. 
1. Maintain a safe distance between vehicles to prevent rocks or other debris from falling and causing windshield damage.  
2. Avoid unpaved gravel roads and construction sites. 
3. Use windshield protectors when parking your car in the open or, if possible, park only in enclosed spaces or garages. 
4. Try to maintain a constant temperature inside the car, not alternate between extremes. Limit exposure to external temperature changes, too. 
5. Keep your wiper clean to prevent damage to the windshield. 
6. Use non-abrasive cleaning products and techniques to clean the windshield. 
7. Don’t neglect small chips or cracks. Get it repaired immediately.


Windshields play an important safety role in your vehicle, and the windshield replacement or repair should be done immediately. 
It is always better to contact an auto glass professional for repair or windshield replacement if you are not confident in doing it yourself. Contact Auto Glass America today to schedule your appointment and get a free quote if you are looking for a professional auto glass replacement in Florida. Whenever you need skilled professional services for a windshield repair or replacement, choose Auto Glass America.

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