Fixes Broken Car Windows: DIY vs Professional Repair

Who Fixes Broken Car Windows: DIY vs. Professional Repair



Let’s face it! You are now experiencing something that every car owner dreads- a broken car window. Given its importance, you need to repair your broken car window immediately.

You can do it in two ways -choose the cost-effective DIY route or hire a professional.


Are you confused as to who fixes broken car windows better? Then read on.


This article will list the merits and demerits of both modes of repair. You will also understand the various factors and scenarios to help you choose the right approach for your auto window repair.


DIY Auto Window Repairs

Are you looking to repair a chip or a minor crack in your car windows? DIY is a viable option if you are handy with tools and ready to invest a lot of time and effort.


The Pros

Let us look at all the pros of DIY auto window repairs.

  1. Opting for DIY broken car window repairs can save you a considerable amount of money as it does not involve any labor charges.
  2. With the right technical know-how and tools, your DIY broken car window leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and acts as a learning experience.
  3. It is a quick fix and immediate solution to prevent chips from developing into bigger cracks.
  4. DIY auto repair kits are convenient as they are available online or in local auto parts shops.

The Cons

The DIY method has its share of disadvantages.

  1. You risk voiding the vehicle’s warranty if you undertake to repair the broken glass window.
  2. If you use the DIY kit without prior experience and expertise, you might cause more harm than good. A minor crack may progress into a major one, leading to a complete auto glass replacement.
  3. It is time-consuming. You also need time for going through DIY tutorials and reading the instruction manuals.
  4. Fixing your broken car window yourself may not be as effective as a professional service leaving unsightly marks on the windows or not addressing the crack effectively.
  5. You need to invest and purchase certain tools for the DIY repair of the broken car windows.


Professional Broken Car Window Repair

When should you go in for professional services for a broken car window repair? Simple, when you are not confident about doing it yourself. Why take a risk when you can get a reliable and safe service from professionals?


The Pros

  1. Larger, complex cracks can be effectively handled only by professional auto repair services.
  2. Windshield repair specialists assess the damage and utilize the right repair techniques. They use high-quality materials that adhere to safety standards.
  3. Professional auto repair services ensure that the structural integrity of the auto glass is maintained guaranteeing safety and peace of mind.
  4. Worried about the cost of professional broken car window repairs? Don’t be! Most of the insurance covers both windshield repair and replacement costs completely.
  5. Professional repairs often come with a warranty, which can be used to address any future issues.
  6.  Professional repair services efficiently handle tints, sensors, defrosters, and any other advanced technology that might be integrated with the broken car window.

The Cons

Here are some of the things that might make the professional services less desirable:

  1. You must wait to schedule your appointments with the broken car window repair service, especially during peak seasons.
  2. Access to these professional services might be limited in remote areas or during emergencies.
  3. Some upfront costs are not covered by insurance, so you may end up paying more than the cost of a DIY kit.

Who Fixes Broken Car Windows Better: DIY Vs. Professionals

Here is a list of the factors that can help you decide between DIY and professional services for your broken car window repair.

Criteria  DIY Professional Help 
Extent of Damage  Works for chips and minor damages preferred for major cracks
Cost  Cheaper Higher than DIY
Time /Effort Needs a lot of time and effort Faster and Easier
Skill Needs a certain level of technical skills Professionals are adequately skilled and experienced
Quality of the Repair  Entirely depends on your attention to detail High-quality work
Safety  Inadequate repairs can compromise the safety of your vehicle and the longevity of your car windows Gives you complete peace of mind about the safety and integrity of the windows
Warranty  It is not applicable as you undertook the repair Provides warranty or guarantee. Accountability for post-repair problems is another plus.

Fixing the Broken Car Windows: Make the Right Choice for Your Vehicle

A broken car window is more than just an inconvenience and an eyesore. It is a major security risk and can expose your vehicle to unfavorable elements, too. Deciding between a DIY and professional repair of broken car windows should be based upon careful consideration of various factors.


While the DIY approach might suffice to rectify minor damages to your car it does come with limitations. Seeking the services of professional repair services offers precision and expertise in restoring your car windows to their initial glory.


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