Reasons for Car Windshield to Crack on its Own

Reasons for Car Windshield to Crack on its Own



Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you get into your vehicle only to find a cracked windshield? Well, then you are one of the millions of car owners who are perplexed by the sudden appearance of a crack in the windshields.
Can a windshield crack on its own? No. There is always a reason for the cracked windshield even though you might feel that it happened spontaneously.   
In this article, we will throw light on the numerous factors that might weaken the windshield’s integrity and result in a cracked windshield.  Understanding these causes is crucial to take proactive measures to prevent windshield damage. 
Why do windshields crack? Cracked windshields can be caused due to a variety of reasons- both internal and external. Let us look at the obvious and the lesser-known causes that can result in a cracked windshield.

Quality of Glass

If your windshield was manufactured with poor-quality glass, there are higher chances for it to crack, even from minor bumps or tension. Make sure you use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glasses for your windshields.

Temperature Fluctuations

Intense or fluctuating hot or cold weather conditions are one of the most common causes of a cracked windshield. Alternating exposure to heat and cold weather might cause stress on the glass and eventually cause a cracked windshield. 
It is best to avoid such extreme temperatures. Hails can also cause cracked windshields due to their impact. To prevent your car from being exposed to extreme weather, cover your car or park it in the shade when it’s hot. 
Windshields can also crack if defrosters and car heaters are used regularly. The rapid changes in temperature lead to uneven expansion and contraction of the glass, resulting in cracks. Warm up the car interior before you use the defroster. You can also use the heater and defroster at low settings to prevent such damages.

Improper Installation

Windshields can crack due to improper installation. Loosely fit windshields can get damaged due to vibrations when the vehicle is moving, as the frame is not able to support the weight of the windshield adequately. It is a good idea to inspect your windshield periodically to prevent this kind of damage.

Road Debris and Impact

This is a very common cause of a cracked windshield. When you are travelling at high speeds, rocks, small pebbles, debris on the road, and stray objects can cause significant damage to the windshields. Despite the small size of the debris, the impact at which it hits your windshield can cause a cracked windshield.
You can drive slowly to minimize the damage caused by these agents.

Structural Weakness

A cracked windshield might be due to structural weakness of the windshield. Minute imperfections in your windshield or uneven distribution of stress can cause cracks. A previous poor-quality repair might also impact the structural integrity of the glass. The edges of the windshields are always the weakest and prone to the most damage.
These cracks become visible after enduring repeated stress over time, so addressing small issues rather than letting them become big cracks is advisable.
Investing in high-quality windshields, proper installation, and regular windshield maintenance will help to prevent such cracks.

Stress from Vehicle Movement

A cracked windshield can be a result of sudden changes in air pressure while driving through a mountain, tunnel, or a heavy gust of wind. Keep your car windows open while driving through such conditions to equalize the internal and external pressure.
If you were not aware of the cracked windshield till you discovered it, then it probably was induced by the lesser-known causes. Whatever the type of damage, it is better to fix the windshield crack immediately and prevent it from spreading further.

Fixing Your Windshield Crack

A cracked windshield can appear out of nowhere and frustrate you. Car windshields don’t crack on their own. There is always a reason behind a cracked windshield.
Moreover, there is no way that you can predict when it can happen. You can either try to avoid getting your windshield cracked through preventive measures or fix the window crack immediately to prevent it from getting worse.  
It is important to repair any cracks or chips in your windshield as soon as possible, as it is unsafe to drive with it, and even illegal in some parts of the country.  
If you are in Florida for a cracked windshield repair, then Auto Glass America would be your best bet. Auto Glass America is backed by over a decade of experience in windshield replacement and window crack repair.  Contact Florida’s fastest-growing windshield repair service and restore your cracked windshield to its lost glory.

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