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    The Acura RSX windshield specifications are as follows:

    1. Size: The windshield size for the Acura RSX is approximately 47.6 inches in length and 23.6 inches in height.

    2. Glass Type: The windshield of the Acura RSX is made of laminated glass. Laminated glass is constructed using two layers of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between, which provides additional strength and safety.

    3. Tint: The RSX windshield comes with a light tint at the top, usually referred to as a “sunshade band.” This tint helps to reduce glare from the sun and improve visibility.

    4. UV Protection: The windshield is equipped with UV protection to shield the occupants from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause damage to the skin and interior of the vehicle.

    5. Rain-sensing Wipers: Some Acura RSX models may come with rain-sensing wipers, which utilize a sensor to detect rain and automatically adjust the wiper speed accordingly for optimum visibility.

    6. Heating Elements: Certain Acura RSX models may also include heating elements embedded within the windshield to help remove ice and fog during cold weather conditions, enhancing visibility.

    7. Acoustic Insulation: The RSX windshield provides acoustic insulation, minimizing external noise for a quieter cabin experience.

    It’s important to note that these specifications can vary slightly depending on the specific year and trim level of the Acura RSX model.

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