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    The BMW 330i windshield specifications are as follows:

    1. Glass Type: The windshield of the BMW 330i is made of laminated safety glass. It consists of two layers of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between. This construction enhances the windshield’s strength and prevents it from shattering upon impact.

    2. Size and Dimensions: The windshield has a standard size for the BMW 330i, measuring approximately 1,148 mm (45.2 inches) in width and 1,237 mm (48.7 inches) in height.

    3. Sunshade Band: The windshield features a sunshade band, which is a tinted portion placed at the top of the glass. This band helps to reduce glare from the sun and offers better visibility during bright conditions.

    4. Rain Sensor: The windshield is equipped with a rain sensor, which detects the intensity of raindrops hitting the glass surface. This sensor triggers the windshield wipers to automatically activate and adjust their speed accordingly for optimal visibility.

    5. Heated Windshield: Some variants of the BMW 330i come with a heated windshield option. This feature helps to melt ice, frost, or condensation that may accumulate on the glass, ensuring better visibility in cold weather conditions.

    6. Acoustic Insulation: The windshield of the BMW 330i comes with acoustic insulation, which helps reduce road noise, wind noise, and other external sounds from penetrating into the cabin. This feature enhances driving comfort and provides a quieter interior environment.

    7. Integrated Camera and Sensor Mounting: The windshield is designed to accommodate various advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) like cameras and sensors. These are typically mounted near the top of the windshield, utilizing the clear view for accurate data collection.

    It is important to note that specifications may vary depending on the specific year, model, and trim level of the BMW 330i.

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