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    – Type: Laminated glass
    – Size: The windshield dimensions vary depending on the make and model year of the Buick Regal. As of 2021, the Buick Regal windshield typically measures approximately 54 inches in width and 30 inches in height.
    – Tint: The windshield is usually clear or slightly tinted to reduce glare and UV radiation.
    – Thickness: The windshield glass is typically around 4.8mm to 5mm thick.
    – Layers: The windshield is composed of two layers of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched in between. This construction provides strength and helps prevent the glass from shattering upon impact.
    – Features: Some Buick Regal windshields may have built-in technology such as rain-sensing wipers, heads-up display, or acoustic insulation to reduce road noise.
    – Defrosting: The windshield may have heating elements embedded in the glass to quickly defrost and melt ice or snow during cold weather.
    – Windshield wipers: The windshield usually has two wiper blades, one for the driver’s side and one for the passenger’s side, to improve visibility during rain or snow.
    – Compatibility: The windshield is designed to fit the specific model and year of the Buick Regal, ensuring proper alignment and attachment to the vehicle’s windshield frame.
    – Safety: The windshield is an integral part of the vehicle’s safety system, providing structural support to the car’s roof and contributing to the overall rigidity of the vehicle. It also protects passengers from debris and wind while driving.
    – Installation: Windshield replacement or repair should be performed by a qualified professional to ensure proper installation and adherence to safety standards. Care must be taken to avoid damaging the windshield or compromising its structural integrity during installation.

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