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The Hyundai KONA is equipped with a high-quality windshield that is designed to provide superior visibility and protection for both the driver and passengers. Here are the specifications of the Hyundai KONA windshield:


1. Size: The windshield of the Hyundai KONA is designed to perfectly fit the dimensions of the vehicle. It is available in a standard size that ensures optimal coverage and protection.

2. Material: The windshield is made of laminated safety glass. This type of glass is composed of multiple layers of glass and a thin plastic interlayer between them. The plastic interlayer prevents the glass from shattering upon impact, providing added safety for the occupants.

3. Tint: The windshield comes with a standard light tint that helps reduce glare from the sun and other vehicles. This tint also helps to keep the interior of the vehicle cool on hot days.

4. UV Protection: The windshield is equipped with built-in UV protection, which helps block harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the vehicle. This not only protects the occupants from harmful UV radiation but also helps prevent fading and damage to the interior upholstery.

5. Acoustic Insulation: The windshield features acoustic insulation to reduce outside noise and provide a quieter, more comfortable driving experience. The glass is designed to minimize vibrations and block unwanted external sounds, enhancing the overall cabin ambience.

6. Rain Sensor: Some variants of the Hyundai KONA may come with a rain sensor feature on the windshield. This sensor detects rain and automatically activates the windshield wipers, ensuring clear visibility during wet weather conditions.

Overall, the windshield of the Hyundai KONA is designed with a focus on safety, durability, and comfort. It provides excellent visibility, protection against harmful UV rays, noise reduction, and the convenience of features such as rain sensors.

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