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The Infiniti QX60 windshield specifications are as follows:

1. Type: Laminated Glass
– The windshield is made of laminated glass, which consists of two layers of glass with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between. This construction enhances the strength and durability of the windshield.

2. Thickness: Approximately 6mm
– The windshield glass is approximately 6mm thick, providing a sturdy barrier against external elements and impacts.

3. UV Protection: Yes
– The windshield incorporates a UV protection layer that helps to block harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the cabin. This feature helps to protect the occupants and interior materials from sun damage.

4. Tinted Band: Top Portion
– The top portion of the windshield may have a tinted band, which helps to reduce glare from the sun and enhance visibility.

5. Defrosting: Yes
– The windshield is equipped with a defrosting system to clear frost, snow, and ice during colder weather conditions. This system helps to maintain clear visibility for the driver and ensures safety.

6. Rain-Sensing Wipers: Yes
– The windshield is compatible with rain-sensing wipers, allowing the wipers to automatically activate when rain is detected. This feature enhances convenience and maintains optimal visibility during rainy conditions.

7. Sound Insulation: Yes
– The windshield incorporates sound insulation properties to reduce external noise from entering the cabin, providing a quieter and more comfortable driving experience.

8. Windshield Heater: Yes (Available in certain models)
– Certain Infiniti QX60 models may come equipped with a windshield heater, which helps to de-ice the windshield during colder temperatures. This feature enhances visibility and safety.

Note: The above specifications may vary depending on the model year and trim level of the Infiniti QX60. It’s always recommended to refer to the vehicle’s official documentation or contact a dealership for accurate and up-to-date specifications.

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