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The Land Rover Range Rover windshield specifications are as follows:

1. Type: The windshield is made of laminated glass, which consists of two layers of glass sandwiched with a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) in between. This design enhances the strength and durability of the windshield.

2. Size: The windshield is customized to fit the Land Rover Range Rover model, with specific dimensions to ensure a precise fit.

3. Tint: The windshield comes with a tinted strip at the top to reduce glare from the sun and enhance visibility.

4. UV Protection: The windshield provides UV protection by blocking harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the vehicle’s cabin, thereby protecting passengers and preventing interior fading.

5. Rain Sensor: Some Land Rover Range Rover models are equipped with a rain sensor, which detects raindrops on the windshield and automatically activates the wipers.

6. Heated Windshield: Certain Land Rover Range Rover models offer a heated windshield feature. This helps in quickly de-icing or defogging the windshield during cold weather conditions.

7. Acoustic Glass: To reduce noise from outside sources, Land Rover Range Rover windshields may be equipped with an acoustic interlayer that helps dampen sounds from the road and the environment.

8. Windshield Wiper System: The windshield is designed to accommodate the Range Rover’s windshield wiper system, including the wiper blades and the washer fluid jets.

9. Rearview Mirror Mounting: The windshield has a mounting bracket for attaching the rearview mirror, ensuring a secure and stable placement.

It is important to note that the specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific model and year of the Land Rover Range Rover vehicle. It is always recommended to consult the official Land Rover documentation or your local Land Rover dealer for the most accurate and up-to-date windshield specifications.

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