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The Mercedes Benz CLA250 windshield specifications are as follows:

– Measurement: The windshield measures 49.2 inches in length and 26.4 inches in height.
– Glass type: The windshield is made of laminated glass, which consists of two layers of glass with an interlayer of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) in between. This design provides added strength and safety.
– Tint: The windshield has a slight green tint, which helps to reduce glare from the sun.
– Wipers: The windshield is equipped with two windshield wipers, one for the driver’s side and another for the passenger’s side. These wipers are designed to efficiently clear water and debris from the windshield.
– Rain sensor: The windshield features a rain sensor that automatically activates the wipers when it detects moisture on the glass. This helps to ensure optimal visibility during rainy conditions.
– Heated: The windshield is equipped with a heating element that quickly defrosts and de-ices the glass in cold weather, providing clear visibility.
– UV protection: The windshield offers UV (ultraviolet) protection, which helps to reduce the fading of the vehicle’s interior and provides added protection for occupants from harmful UV rays.
– Acoustic insulation: The windshield has acoustic insulation properties, which help to reduce noise from the outside and provide a quieter cabin environment.
– Camera and sensor provision: The windshield may come with provisions for an integrated camera and various sensors used in advanced driver assistance systems, such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance systems.

It is important to note that these specifications may vary depending on the specific model year of the Mercedes Benz CLA250 and any optional packages or upgrades chosen.

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