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The Pontiac G8 windshield specifications are as follows:

1. Dimensions:
– Width: The windshield measures approximately 56 inches in width.
– Height: The windshield stands at around 28 inches in height.

2. Glass Type:
– Laminated Glass: The windshield is made of laminated glass, which consists of multiple layers of glass sandwiched with a thin layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) in between. This helps enhance the structural integrity and offers better protection against impacts and shattering.

3. Tint:
– With most Pontiac G8 models, the windshield comes with a standard factory tint at the top, also known as a shade band. This tint acts as a sun visor, providing some degree of protection against glare and harmful UV rays.

4. Wipers:
– The Pontiac G8 comes equipped with two windshield wipers that ensure optimal visibility in various weather conditions. These wipers are manually operated by the driver and are designed to effectively wipe away rain, snow, or dirt from the windshield surface.

5. Defrost and Rain Sensor:
– Some Pontiac G8 models may also include a windshield defrost feature, which helps clear fog and frost from the windshield during colder weather. Additionally, certain models may be equipped with a rain sensor that automatically activates the windshield wipers when it detects raindrops on the glass.

It is important to note that windshield specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific variant and model year of the Pontiac G8.

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