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    What is ADAS?

    Car driving is not a joke. It requires the driver to be extremely cautious and mindful to avoid road accidents. ADAS also known as advanced driver assistance systems are safety mechanisms that have been designed to prevent unavoidable accidents.


    They are one of the newest technologies in the automobile industry and aid drivers in their routine driving and parking, thus improving their performance. So, to make your driving experience safer and easier, here are some major ADAS elements you need to be aware of if you want to be on the safe side.

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    Features of ADAS

    A proper ADAS calibration of your car helps give the driver critical information about the car and its surrounding area to improve safety on the road for every individual. There’s a list of safety-critical features that you’ll need to know about ADAS before you step into a shop to buy a car:

    Lane departure warning:

    This feature notifies the driver if the car drifts out of its lane.

    Adaptive cruise control:

    This feature is a lifesaver because it speeds up or slows down your car automatically when there aren’t other vehicles around you.

    Back-up camera:

    When parking or reversing, the camera gives the driver a better view of the backside of the vehicle.

    Automatic Emergency Braking or AEB:

    Imminent car crashes can be avoided with the help of AEB. These brakes use sensors to prevent car accidents in such circumstances.

    Night vision:

    With night vision, you won’t skip any objects that would otherwise be challenging to view at night.

    Blind spot detection:

    The sensors and cameras facilitate you in identifying vehicles in your blind zones without craning your neck.

    Automatic parking:

    Drivers can be alerted about hidden spots through this feature. This makes it simpler for them to understand when to turn the vehicle and stop.


    Further, these advanced technologies can be used to check pedestrian on the road, provide recommendations, and recognize driver fatigue and attention. To improve the driver’s safety on the road, here is an elaborate guide to ADAS and the advantages of ADAS calibration.

    Why ADAS calibration is necessary?

    ADAS calibration is essential to make sure that cars operate as safely and efficiently as possible. It entails customizing the settings of various electronic control units (ECUs), including those that govern a gearbox, braking, the engine, as well as its safety systems. The ADAS sensors on a new automobile are always precisely positioned according to factory specifications. Here’s why it’s important:

    • Safety: ADAS calibration ensures that the radar, car sensors, and cameras are precisely aligned to provide the driver with accurate data and prevent accidents.
    • Performance: A correct windshield calibration will provide optimal performance by configuring the engine and other subsystems to work seamlessly.
    • Emission control: When you calibrate your car, it reduces the emission of harmful gases.
    • Durability: When you perform a proper ADAS calibration, you extend the durability of your vehicle. This reduces excessive wear and tear of the vehicle parts, resulting in fewer breakdowns.

    Additionally, during the ADAS calibration process, the sensors and cameras should be properly aligned for your vehicle’s integrated ADAS system to function efficiently. Further, your car’s forward-facing camera will also need calibration if you’ve done a windshield replacement or repair.



    How can the calibration process restore the optimal performance of ADAS sensors?

    ADAS calibration begins with a pre-scan. This helps to understand how accurately the sensors are currently working and how accurate the alignment is. Our skilled technician at Auto Glass America then manually places each ADAS sensor or camera in the correct location. After aligning, the windshield camera calibration module fine-tunes itself with precise electronic adjustments. Once this is done, a technician performs a post-repair scan to ensure everything works correctly. This ensures that cameras and sensors are accurately aligned according to industry standards and the manufacturer’s specifications.

    At Auto Glass America, we offer top-quality service. Our skilled ADAS calibration specialists use advanced ADAS calibration equipment to enhance your vehicle’s road safety. We provide quick service, arriving within a matter of time with all the necessary equipment, reducing your hassle. We calibrate your ADAS to match your car’s OEM specifications to ensure ongoing safety.



    Types of ADAS Calibration

    In the automotive industry, driver safety is crucial, and ADAS safety mechanisms play a significant role. Auto Glass America offers two types of ADAS calibration services: static and dynamic.


    Static ADAS Calibration

    Static calibration should occur in a controlled setting. It happens when the car is stationary. Our ADAS expert will need the following:

    • A smooth, finished floor
    • Consistent, adjustable lighting
    • Neutral-colored floors and walls
    • No reflective surfaces or direct sunlight
    • An open space with no obstruction
    • No windshield reflections

    What equipment may be needed by the technician?

    The majority of OEMs demand a diagnostic tool to access and begin the calibration processes. Hence, our technician will need to mount the calibration equipment on the car to begin the process. They will also need aiming targets like radars with metal pyramid shapes or reflective metal plates, an ADAS calibration tool for setting up targets at a specific, calculated, and measured distance from the vehicle, an alignment rack, and measuring tapes.


    Dynamic ADAS Calibration

    While some cars do require static ADAS calibration, some cars need dynamic calibration. This involves using an ADAS scan tool while driving under specific conditions and speeds. This varies by OEM but includes factors like driving on marked roads, avoiding curved roads, and maintaining certain speeds. Normally, two technicians are needed when calibrating your car dynamically. While the other operates the ADAS diagnostic equipment during the dynamic calibration process, one person will be at the wheel of the car. When the software is installed on your car, some important factors will be checked, like the speed at which the car is moving when it is moving, if it is following other vehicles, and whether it is driving on clearly marked roads.


    When the ADAS calibration device is behind or on the windshield, recalibration is needed after a windshield replacement or significant changes in your vehicle’s ride height. This ensures that the sensors are properly aligned. Any slight deviation of the sensor or camera may lead to misalignment and incorrect prompts.

    How much does ADAS calibration cost?

    Your ADAS will prevent deaths or injuries by alerting the driver and averting collisions when you correctly recalibrate it. This will increase the lifespan of ADAS and significantly reduce replacement costs for the automobile owner. Additionally, the cost of ADAS calibration may differ based on the facts about your vehicle and what has to be calibrated. As our specialists have the necessary education and credentials to provide you with high-quality service, we at Auto Glass America in Florida advise you to get in touch with one of them.



    ADAS Calibration Systems

    According to a 2018 IIHS study, the calibration process for ADAS requires time and normally takes 1.7 hours, with a maximum duration of 6 hours and a bare minimum of 1 hour. Because of this, Auto Glass America upholds its dedication to enhancing driving comfort and safety by providing technician credentials, tools, a user-friendly website, and even a special management system.




    Overall, ADAS recalibration services are transforming and improving driver safety, comfort, and convenience all over the world. Therefore, turn to Auto Glass America for all of your ADAS calibration service needs if you’re looking for a professional who can assist you. You won’t be let down since our staff of highly qualified professionals will ensure your safety by offering services at a reasonable cost and at your convenience. You can also connect with us to request an estimate or easily schedule an online appointment. Your service requests will be handled immediately as our team of experts respond in a jiffy to provide unparalleled knowledge all the while.

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