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Embark on a transformative journey with Auto Glass America, the undeniable authority in windshield replacements. Our commitment to excellence, backed by over 10+ years of trust, ensures your safety and satisfaction. From swift same day windshield replacement to affordable windshield replacements starting at $299, we redefine what it means to prioritize quality without compromise. Don’t settle for ordinary – choose the #1 Auto Glass Company in Florida. Your journey to safety begins with a simple choice – choose Auto Glass America today.

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    *Free windshield replacement with insurance: It means no out-of-pocket expenses. Your insurance coverage handles all costs, ensuring a genuinely cost-free service.

    Benefits of Windshield Replacement

    Your car is one of your most cherished things. Hiring a professional for windshield replacement and repair provides safety and high-quality results in the event that you need to replace your windshield. The skilled professionals who do windshield replacement and repair work utilize premium materials and follow accepted industry standards. Our professionals are trained for the process, which ensures a job well done and ultimately saves you money. They also recommend windshield replacement that is suitable and accurate for your vehicle.

    Types of Windshields

    One of the crucial parts of an automobile that shelters the car owner from the wind, dust, and other factors while driving is the windshield. Damage to a windshield can be very troublesome. There are many different kinds of windshields. Let’s check a few of the most typical kinds of windshields:

    Laminated Windshield Glass:

    Laminated glass is created by sandwiching a layer of plastic between two or more layers of glass. In the event of an accident, this increases durability by preventing the glass from breaking into big pieces. The fuel consumption of the vehicle is also improved with laminated glass. Using laminated glass lessens the heating up of the automobile and eases the strain on your car’s cooling system because air cooling consumes a substantial amount of gasoline. Laminated glass is very strong and challenging to break. It can retain its components together even after it cracks, reducing damage and enhancing safety in the event that it breaks. Additionally, laminated glass reduces noise by canceling outside noise, thereby making travel more relaxing.


    Tempered Windshield Glass:

    Tempered glass is significantly stronger than regular glass since it is manufactured through a heating and quick cooling process. Because it breaks into dull fragments and reduces the chance of injuries, tempered glass is frequently used for side and rear windows to assure safety. Glass that has undergone a specific process of tempering is used to create rear windshields and door glass. Tempered glass cannot be repaired if it is broken. The only option left is to completely replace the windshield.


    In addition, there is a hybrid technology, like heated windshields, that includes tiny heating elements to quickly defrost the Heads-Up Display (HUD) windshields or windshields combined with a system that projects important driving information on the windshield, promoting a safe driving experience as drivers can view the data while also maintaining their focus on the road. Another kind of glass is solar glass, which has a layer built into it that absorbs solar heat to keep the interior of the car from being too hot.



    How Much Does a Windshield Replacement Cost?

    For older economy cars, windshield replacement cost is less. These days’ cars come with so many options, up to 20 or more for certain back windshields, that the costs may not always be accurate for your particular model. Naturally, you would be bound to ask how much does a windshield replacement cost? Typically, the price of a windshield might vary based on the kind of car, how complicated the replacement is, and quality of the windshield. If the consumer has chosen to have their glass covered by insurance companies, Auto Glass America does not charge them. Additionally, we don’t increase the customer’s insurance rates or monthly costs. Alternatively, we provide services at affordable prices for replacing or repairing windshields. Also, for added convenience, we offer quotes to our consumers and allow them to book our services online. The Mobile Windshield Replacement technique is another free option for getting your windshield replaced.



    Mobile Windshield Replacement

    The regularity of your entire day can be disrupted by unforeseen automotive problems. Your front windshield is the most crucial component of your car’s safety. However, even the strongest windshields might crack due to unforeseen circumstances. Driving your car up to any auto glass replacement company near you would be challenging in such a situation. This is the time to contact a mobile auto glass service supplier to get your windshield replacement done at the location of your choice. You can also contact your local windshield service provider to help you walk through the process of windshield glass replacement. The following are some of the main reasons why people now favor mobile windshield replacement services:


    1. Mobile windshield replacement professionals’ aid is quicker, more practical, and compatible with the lifestyles of the majority of individuals. The best thing is that you don’t have to wait around until the service provider returns your car with this kind of fast service. As soon as possible, our experts will show up at your desired location with all the equipment and materials required to complete the job.
    2. Even if you want to replace a windshield, choosing an auto glass expert won’t cost you any extra money. A knowledgeable windshield specialist will show up to your place with the required tools and help with the repair just as they would have at the shop.
    3. Providing instant customer support at your availability is another reason why people prefer mobile auto glass care services. You don’t have to rearrange your entire day to accommodate either a day service or an evening service.

    Windshield Repair vs. Replacement

    It’s crucial to determine whether your car’s windshield needs to be repaired or replaced before getting a windshield replacement. Repairing a windshield is typically quicker and less expensive, but it only fixes small chips and cracks that compromise the glass’s integrity. You’ve to install a new windshield if the damage is severe. In such a case, the windshield replacement cost would be more but in turn would have a longer lifespan. However, it is best to have the vehicle evaluated by a knowledgeable Auto Glass America technician who can provide you with quality auto glass service depending on the severity of the windshield damage. Below are two excellent options you can pick from when going for your car windshield replacement:


    Aftermarket Quality:

    Third-party manufacturers build aftermarket windshields. This kind of windshield glass is generally produced by businesses that directly work with car manufacturers. They are made to fit a variety of cars thanks to their design. Additionally, their estimated final cost is also less.


    Original Equipment Manufacturer Quality:

    The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is often the same business that produces the original windshields. These newer windshields are an exact fit for your car since they follow the same criteria as the one set forth by the car’s creator.



    Legal Considerations

    To guarantee driver safety, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) have established some requirements for windshield installation. The laws governing visibility, obstruction, and windshield tinting may vary from state to state. To fully comply, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the state laws to avail quality service at any auto glass shop in Florida.



    Maintenance Tips for a New Windshield

    If you have just replaced the windshield in your car, then hold on. Here are some aftercare instructions for your freshly replaced windshield to prevent further damage. ·


    Be gentle

    Be careful when closing the doors to prevent damaging the brand-new windshield. ·


    Keep heavy weights off the roof rack

    To prevent any pressure or stress on the windshield during the first few days after installation of the glass, keep heavy weights off the roof rack. ·


    Wiper protection

    Check the wipers frequently to make sure they’re in good shape and replace them if necessary to avoid scratches. Wiper blades should be cleaned frequently to get rid of any dirt that could harm the windshield. ·


    Do not drive instantly

    Before you get started to drive your car, give the adhesive used for the installation plenty of time to dry. It is advised to wait for at least an hour after installation. ·


    Stay away from extreme temperatures

    If at all feasible, park your car in a shaded area to safeguard the windshield from heat. Stress cracks should be prevented by doing this. ·


    Watch for chips and cracks

    If you see any chips or cracks more or less than 6 inches, fix them right away to stop them from getting worse. ·


    Take care when cleaning

    To prevent scratches on the new windshield, use a soft microfiber cloth. To avoid scratching and surface damage, clean the windshield with non-abrasive products. ·


    Avoid automatic car washes

    Stay away from automatic car washes for the first few days following installation. High-pressure jets are used in car washes, which may damage the seal.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid During Windshield Replacement

    Following are a few common mistakes you should avoid post an auto glass replacement.


    Avoid driving right away

    To guarantee a strong bond, give the adhesive time to fully cure before operating the vehicle.


    Utilizing subpar materials

    Don’t skimp on the glue and glass used in the replacement. Make sure the replacement windshield is of good quality; ideally, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or OEE (original equipment equivalent).


    Improper cleaning

    Make sure the windshield is thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt or debris that can interfere with a good seal.


    Not inspecting the seal

    To avoid leaks, always check the seal after installation to make sure it was done correctly.


    Not taking the weather into account

    Check the weather before repairing or replacing the windshield. Unfavorable weather might have an impact on installation.


    Overlooking the manufacturer’s specifications:

    To preserve its structural strength and safety, always install a windshield in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


    Avoid skipping calibration:

    After replacing the windshield, modern automobiles frequently need their advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) calibrated.



    Warranty and Insurance Coverage

    Depending on the specific vehicle, the peculiarities of the situation, and the specifics of your warranty and insurance coverage, windshield replacement may be covered by both. There may not be any additional cost as the insurance may cover material flaws, leaks, and stress cracks. However, collisions and accidents, vandalism, natural disasters, etc. are not covered and hence incur a cost. If the car has the required paperwork and insurance, Auto Glass America won’t charge you anything. All you have to do is schedule a call with our experts to receive all the information you need at length.


    If you looking for a qualified windshield replacement company? For all your mobile auto glass replacement needs, trust Auto Glass America. We are a group of skilled professionals with experience in mobile auto glass repair services, rear windshield replacement services, etc. who handle your automobile with the greatest of care and restore it to pre-accident condition. At Auto Glass America, we replace windshields using a detailed method that guarantees no step is missed. We also offer free and affordable windshield replacement services.

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