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Welcome to Auto Glass America, where excellence meets expediency in auto glass solutions tailored for Florida. Our commitment to unparalleled service is underscored by our dedication to same day windshield replacement, ensuring your safety is never compromised. As the undisputed #1 Auto Glass company in FL, we take pride in our 10+ years of experience serving this vibrant community. Experience the assurance of quality with windshield replacements starting at just $99. Your journey to uncompromised safety begins here. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Auto Glass America and drive with confidence. Act now to safeguard your vehicle with our swift, trusted, and affordable services. Your safety deserves nothing but the finest.

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Overview of Windshield and Auto Glass Services provided in Florida

Car problems can really mess up your day. If you’re facing issues and heading to an auto glass replacement company in Florida seems hard, that’s when a mobile service comes in handy. Auto Glass America’s expert team can quickly fix your windshield wherever you are, stopping more damage. Our mobile windshield repair service in Florida is easier for most people, where you don’t have to wait for your car to be returned. Our experts will come to you as soon as possible with everything needed to get your windshield fixed right where you want.



Some specifics of our services are:



1. Windshield Replacement in Florida

Determining whether your car’s needs windshield replacement or fixing is really important before going ahead with any changes. If the damage is severe, it’s better to get a new windshield. But before making any decisions, it’s smart to have an experienced Auto Glass America technician check it out. They can give you the best advice depending on how bad the damage is. At Auto Glass America, we know a windshield is more than just glass – it’s a crucial part of your car. That’s why we’re proud to offer top-notch free windshield replacement services in Florida. Our team of certified experts knows how to take care of all car types, so your vehicle gets the best care possible.


2. Windshield Repair in Florida

Fixing a windshield is usually faster and cheaper, but it’s best for small chips and cracks. It won’t help if the glass is seriously damaged. At Auto Glass America, we know how important a good windshield is for your car. Our commitment to giving top-notch windshield repairs, along with our handy mobile service, makes us stand out. Our services cover all of Florida and are not just affordable but also easy to book online.


3. Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Florida

Having trouble with your car’s glass? It happens to many of us who own cars. Your windshield is really important for your safety and your car’s strength. So, if it gets damaged, it’s crucial to fix it fast. Whether it’s small chips or big cracks, knowing when to repair or replace your car’s glass Lis really important. Do you too need help figuring it out? Worry not, for you’re in the right spot. Auto Glass America is the best choice for fixing or changing your car’s glass.


4. Side Window Repair and Replacement in Florida

Your car’s side windows are really important for safety, how well it works, and how it looks. Just like other parts of your car, these windows can get damaged for lots of reasons, like accidents, bad weather, or even someone trying to break in. When things like this happen, it’s important to get professionals to fix or replace your side windows. That’s where Auto Glass America comes in. We’re a top choice for window replacement services in Florida. Our skilled experts give special window repairs made just for your car, focusing on keeping you safe and happy.


5. ADAS Calibration in Florida

ADAS calibration makes sure that all the electronic parts in your car are working right. At Auto Glass America, our certified experts offer exact and perfect ADAS calibration services in Florida. We’re pros at handling important ADAS systems such as emergency braking, cruise control, and lane departure warning. We take care of both static and dynamic calibration needs to keep your car running smoothly and safely.


Why Choose Auto Glass America in Florida?

When you choose Auto Glass America for your windshield repair and replacement service, you can:


  • Access 24/7 online customer support for any assistance you need.
  • Enjoy a stress-free claims process and receive a Free Windshield.
  • Benefit from premium quality glass that comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Stay rest assured as we serve all car types, ensuring everyone’s needs are met.
  • Get up to $375 instant cash back on your service.
  • Get a free online quote for your convenience.
  • Receive a complimentary dinner at Rodizio Grill.
  • Recognized as the #1 Auto Glass company in Florida.
  • We’re a BBB accredited local company you can trust.
  • We accept all major insurances for hassle-free payments.


Average Cost of Auto Glass Services in Florida

The average cost of a windshield usually changes depending on the car type, the complexity of the replacement, and the glass quality. When customers opt for insurance coverage, Auto Glass America doesn’t bill them. Plus, we don’t raise insurance rates or monthly expenses. Instead, we offer affordable windshield replacement and repairs services. Additionally, we provide quotes and allow online bookings for added convenience. Another free choice for windshield replacement is our Mobile Windshield Replacement service.



Automotive Laws & Regulations for Drivers in Florida

For safe driving, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) set rules for putting in windshields. Each state has its own laws about what’s okay for visibility, blockages, and tinting on windshields. So, it’s important to know Florida’s laws about windshield changes. This helps get good service at any Florida auto glass shop while following the rules.

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Not only do we come to your home, work or other preferred location, we also provide a Lifetime Warranty on workmanship and against material defects. We work hard to ensure that all of our customers receive fast, professional and reliable service with all the work we do.

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